KATY and MKT Caboose Restoration from
the Wichita Falls RailRoad Museum.
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KATY caboose #111 in it's very weathered covering.
KATY caboose #212 in it's paint peeling condition.
Current condition after 15 years in the Texas sun.
Todays crews restore, not just repaint. It's necessary.
Today, everything is photographed as part of the restoration process.
More fading from the Texas sun.
Still more fading from the Texas sun..
Even the old decals are faded, krinkled, split and weathered paper thin. Nowdays, vinal signs long outlive decals.
Photos are taken of the sign and number locations so we can do a proper restoration.
All of the photos on this page were shot in April of 2005.
With peeling paint and rusted spots, the caboose definately had to be sandblasted.
Even protected ends require work.
Many details never go unnoticed.
When patching has outlived it's usefullness, then you restore.
Rust never sleeps. It just keeps growing.
Setting in one place all the time, the sun takes it's toll as it bleaches all of the paint and lettering and especially on the west sides.
Every stain is permanent on old and oxydized paint.
Sandblasting not only removes the old paint, but gets rid of the rust too.
All spots are checked while awaiting the new face-lift.
More photographs to restore signs to the original places.
The public has expressed praise for the indepth restoration efforts in the last several years at the WFRRM.
Today, our members work hard to enhance the museum, with the public and fun in mind.
With dedication like this, the city supports us well.
Soon we will have new looking cabooses here.
We thank each of you for your favorable comments.
Primer and sealer is beginning to paint a different picture.
The first is applied of several coats of paint.
New paint really changes the looks.
Painting is almost finished and trim paint has begun too.
Pretty stylish looking and awaiting numbers and signs.
Second coat of several in MKT's green.
Looking better all the time.
More green and starting the trim.
Yellow has just begun.
Yellow stripes are finished.
Yellow trim is finished and now awaiting the new signs.
While we are on cabooses, we repainted the TOP on the WF&S, formerly Mopac, where it only had primer on it. New primer and paint really looks good. The side wall paint was in great shape and was only washed back to a great luster with soap & water.
The MKT 212 is finished and now stands colorful with the new paint and lettering.
The side view. Looking pretty stylish!!!
The KATY 111......... Finished and Looking Great! (Work done in 2006)
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