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WFRRM NOVEMBER 2010 Newsletter

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Hello WFRRM members and friends. Welcome to the WFRRM November 2010 Online Newsletter.

This online publication is our way of keeping in touch with our members & friends and an attempt at getting more of our friends to join the fun at the museum. wfrrm@hotmail.com

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Welcome to the November Newsletter. We are still having fun and going strong. Lots of events going on and the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum is making things happen.

"We're Moving Ahead" is exactly what we are doing these days. We are becoming The New and Improved Wichita Falls Railroad Museum because the current "team" is still working hard to make many good things happen within the museum with the help of Members and Board Members. This Museum has accomplished things recently and has seen some very positive moves that it has never seen before. We are planning many more events which we will tell you about later. Well done gang!!!! We will continue to move Ahead too.

The Cleaning has proved itself. It's November and the end of another season. The Museum is looking neat, trimmed, and very clean. Most of the cleaning will be on hold till sometime in the Spring. Then, you guessed it, Spring cleaning will begin.

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Train Video of the month

As in the Video above, we have speeders too. We have started painting them but still have a few vehicles yet to go. We can only paint them when the temperature is about 70 degrees or above, so we are dependant on the good, warm weather days to finish.

2010 Downtown Lights Celebration was a big hit again this year. Fried pies, cups of coffee and Hot chocolate, and sodas were on the menu this year and again big hits!

Thank You, to every person that helped this year. We could not have made this possible without you.

Belinda, our Secretary, recruited her husband James to pull the Kiddie Train this year, while Ray engineered the other Kiddie Train at the Museum giving rides to all the riders who were not at the parade. Yes, both of our Kiddie Trains were in operation this year. Sure is nice to have 2 of them. This is the first opportunity to have both trains running at the same time and it sure worked out well too.

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We had some really good passengers too........ The weather was nice and warm, but the cold temperatures were missed.

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We were pretty well lit up using our flood lights. This year with a Kiddie Train running at the Museum, we lighted the "main Street" of the Museum as well as our walking areas between the trains.

We Have Winners!

Host A Train Car for Downtown Christmas Lights Celebration MAD AT PULMONARY FIBROSIS group did a great job decorating their train car. Decorations inside and outside supported their cause to educate and make people aware of Pulmonary Fibrosis, which takes away loved ones each year.

Crystal Duke Sanchez, her family, and 3 other families went together to get Pulmonary Fibrosis awareness out to others. With folks at the entrance to their train car, welcoming folks and passing out "Mad Hatter Hats" to those who entered, they achieved their goal.

Crystal said her entire group enloyed the event so much that they want to do it again next year! They certainly have their reservation made.

A variety of Quiznos Specialty Sandwiches were served on this work day. Individual meals were packed in boxes with chocolate chip cookies, bag of chips and extras. Ummmmm Good to the last morsel. Nobody went back to work hungry! We Thank our friends at Quiznos for the kind and generous help, as we Move ahead at the Wichita Falls Rilroad Museum.

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2010 Kiddie Train Sponsorship
Here's the rundown on sponsorships:

A SPONSORSHIP gives you (1) a custom "sign" on our Kiddie Train with your logo and name, (2) A clickable sign on the Sponsorship page Linked directly to YOUR WEBSITE for more 24/7 exposure, (3) a sign in each of our newsletters, (4) a sign in our banner ads on the main page of the wfrrm website, and (5) a membership to the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.

Each Sponsorship is $200.00 per year. Anyone wanting a $1000.00 sponsorship will get one extra sign for a total of six (6) signs per year. A $3000.00 sponsorship will sponsor an entire Kiddie Train Car. You may have as many sponsorships as you want.

Our Kiddie Train will be highly visible giving rides throughout the year at parades, promotional events, downtown celebrations, outdoor shows such as car shows, and Grand Openings downtown. The Kiddy Train will also be giving rides at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum as well as being on display at the museum for all to see.

Sponsorship money can be mailed to the Museum too at WFRRM, P. O. Box 4242, Wichita Falls Texas 76308. Be sure to label it Sponsorship.

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NEW Photos on the website See the new photos on the website under Museum Photo Tour. I plan to update the website after the Hollidays with more photos from the Museum.

The next few Newsletters will be pretty slim since not many things are happening at the Museum during the Winter Season. However, I will make some kind of attempt at some news, photos and videos.

In the meanwhile........ Happy Thanksgiving to all.

A few more photos of the Downtown Lights Celebration and preperation. The President of the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum, Bronna McNeely, only slows down for a breath of air when she has time to think of it and thats not often. Thank You Bronna for all your hard work!!!!

Past President Mark Price is in the background with his wife Karen as they sip their coffee & hot chocolate. Thank you for attending also!!!!

There is fun and enjoyment for everyone at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum. Be a Volunteer!

Restaurants and Cafe's........

If you would like to donate meals to the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum "We're Moving Ahead" program, please contact Joe Tom White at 692-3766 for assistance. The "We're moving ahead" program utilizes Inmates from the Wichita County Sheriff's Office "Work Program", our Board Members, Deputy's, volunteers and museum members for manpower in painting, cleaning, mowing and general labor. These folks work hard and appreciate a good meal. You prepare it, we pick it up and deliver it.

If you make your charitable contribution or donation of meals, you too will get a customized ad in our newsletters with your logo, slogan & etc. You can make a great difference in the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum by helping others to feed the folks who work hard for the museum.

See the ad's below of the contributors who have been proud to sponsor such events. Your ad can show up here too!!! Subs... BBQ... Tacos... Hamburgers... Chicken... Dosen't matter.

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Kenny has asked that if you see something that needs some attention at the museum, "don't send a message to him", just come on down & pitch in and give us a hand. He says we need more of our members being active participants even if you can't stay long. Don't be shy, We would love to see you there.

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Lots of folks are having fun at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

A Merry Christmas, and

A Wonderful New Year !