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Hello WFRRM members and friends. Welcome to the WFRRM June 2010 Online Newsletter.

This online publication is our way of keeping in touch with our members & friends and an attempt at getting more of our friends to join the fun at the museum. wfrrm@hotmail.com

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In the first quarter of the year, the Museum didn't see a lot of action due to the cold months, not to mention all the rainy days afterwards. We did have a bad water connection that froze and burst in the pullman car under the bathroom sink but was promptly repaired by the plumbers when the days warmed up a little.

According to the TV Weather tonight, we haven't hit the triple digits yet...... Despite the already hot temperatures, visitors are steadily coming in each Saturday.

We have a new person to open, meet & greet the visitors, collect the $1.00 per head gate fee, sell gifts from the gift shop, and answer general questions for the Museum. Her name is Brenda Simmons, and she is from Henrietta. She is a first grade school teacher and deals with kids and parents on a regular basis. The next time you are at the Museum on a Saturday afternoon, tell Brenda Hello. Brenda also adds a nice charm to the Museum's atmosphere.

Several members usually stop by and check on the museum and it's visitors on Saturdays. It is likely you could see Mark Price, Joe Tom White or Kenny Knox, the gift shop manager, or any of the members at any time.

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Cleaning up and painting at the Museum

Special Thanks to Sheriff David Duke and his crew at the sheriff's office. The Wichita County Sheriff's Department has a Inmate work program that is used to help non profit organizations in the area with man power labor. These folks have done a great job in helping the museum. They mow our grass and keep the museum cleaned of trash & debris. They have also cut down the ragged looking cedar trees and sprouts & sapplings that pop up frequently around the gates at the north fence near the 304 steam locomotive. They have also been active in cleaning our train cars and keeping them neat and orderly. Their help will be utilized with assisting in painting train cars, kiddie train cars and speeder vehicles at the museum which is regularly needed maintenance. The inmates enjoy getting out and working as opposed to sitting all day. The two Deputies who supervise do a fantastic job of coordinating all areas of work.

Lots of work went on today and lots accomplished.(7/1/2010) The seats were welded in place in the 2nd Kiddie Train making it ready for sanding, priming, and painting. The last of the trees were cut down & out of the iron fence on 8th street. Drive by and take a look at the progress and face lift in progress. The lone tree between tracks 2 & 3 was trimmed up and no longer rubbing the paint off of the silver car. The old Troop Sleeper car in the back has mostly been cleaned out and getting close to painting stage. Walkways have been put in place between the memorabilia car and the Troop Sleeper car as well as the Burlington Northern caboose for a continious flow of traffic.

The Work goes on....... We still have many projects to complete, and we will soon get there. Thanks to the newer Board Members and their suggestions too. As always these ideas usually start as a thought, windes up in a meeting, are voted upon and acted upon.

New Paint really looks great!!!! Not long ago Jim Hughes and his Boy Scout Troops went to a lot of trouble to repaint a couple of ramps. They look really good now. One scout in particular has now earned his special merrit badge.

The Inmates ate very well today with thanks to Richard Koch at Quiznos Subs. The free meals for the workers were individual meals in a box lunch consisting of a sub, potato chips and a chocolate chip cookie and condiments. We want to thank Richard at Quiznos for his contribution to the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum by feeding the workers.

The "Wichita Falls Railroad Museum" board meetings this year have yielded really good results. On Saturday, April 2, 2010, the Board of the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum met at the Scout Hut. Huge thanks to Jim for providing the location. The meeting was called to order at 9:04 a.m. Members present were Jim Hughes, Mark Price, Ray Grube, Joe Tom White, Kenny Knox, Charles Elmore, Steve Reeves, and Bronna McNeely. Members unable to attend were Richard Zuber, John Christoff, David Spencer, David Duke, Artie Woods, Lane Landes, and Linda Bates.

The two major issues of the meeting were the Arts Commission grant and the need for a membership drive.

The Arts Commission grant application was in well ahead of time and is up for consideration with all the others. Hopfully we will see our grant money about November.

Ideas about purchasing and renovating the Big C building, fundraising campaigns, additional grant funding, participation in downtown events, and increased membership all flew across the table. Jim affirmed membership as the cornerstone of any future growth. Members are needed not only for their economic contribution but also for their manpower and word of mouth contributions. A chicken and egg discussion followed as to whether we should work on membership or visibility first. Ultimately, the decision was that we have to work on both at the same time. A membership goal of 100 and a Kiddy Train sponsorship goal of 15 were set.

In the board meeting on Saturday, June 19th the following topics were diasussed:
- The great work the Community Service inmates are doing to clean up the Museum - see above
- Work Days at the WFRRM - Kenny is setting up work days at the museum and everyone is invited to help. It's not much work, but the more people we have present, the less work we have for any "one" person.
- Upcoming National Museum Day......... September 11th, Saturday - National Museum Day - We need as many folks as we can get to help out at the museum.
- Upcoming events - T/O Fair - see below
- The Kiddie Trains, 1 & 2 - small amount of welding, sanding and painting
- Placement of walkways & ramps & steps - we are putting rail cars on display at the museum that have never been on public display. Steps will be moved accordingly. More below.
- Changing location of the Gift Shop building - Was vetoed.
- Membership Drive and Challenge - see below.
- Selling the small lawn tractor/mower with it's trailer - we will take bids on the pair - make offer.

- Wichita Falls Railroad Museum is a 501c3 Charitable organization under IRS statutes -

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The green & Yellow Burlington Northern Caboose, inside has been cleaned up very well by the cleaning crew. All the old fire hose pieces have been taken out and it is looking very good. This will probably be the first time since it's arrival at this location that it will be open to the public. It too is on the list for repainting it's exterior colors also.

The "troop sleeper" car on the back track will be cleaned next for public display and perhaps opened up end to end to continue the foot traffic from the memorabilia car on through to the BN caboose.

The MoPac office caboose will also be cleand up and folders in the file cabinets as well as boxed contents will be reorganized. It will still be used for archiving documents, books and videos.

The locks have been changed on gates and cars to improve security and ease of opening and closing the museum quickly. Locks with keys are now used to open the gates and all cars.

The *Membership Drive is On..... In the April meeting Charles Elmore set a goal of 100 NEW *members for the museum. In the June meeting, Rusty Challenged the board *members to come up with 5 *members. Thats $20.00 per *membership or $100.00 worth of *Memberships per Board Member. If just 5 *members sell 5 *memberships each, thats $500.00 or 1/4th of the goal established by Charles Elmore.

A $20.00 *membership has the following benefits. Out of the $20.00 *membership, each person: Gets in the Entry Gate without paying the Gate Fee, rides the Kiddie Train for Free anytime, rides the Pump-Car for Free anytime, Visits the Model Train Car for Free anytime, and can go on Guided Tours Free anytime. Each *Member will recieve a *Membership card by snail mail and Newsletters via the internet.

*Definition of Membership: A head of household, 18 years of age or older, and each person living in the same home. Example - Dad, Mom & Kiddos of the same household. Or, an individual 18 years of age or older without immediate family.

Results of Membership Drive Joe Tom Anounced the Challenge made by Rusty on the Radio, "Talk Radio 1290 AM", and has been getting good results. Rusty has a Public Service Announcement that will air on "BOB RADIO 100.9 FM", starting June 30th, on the Bulletin Board. So far the tally looks like this:
Joe Tom White SOLD 5
- Mike Campbell
- Mike Rucker
- John James
- Rick Longley
- Joan Hill
Mark Price SOLD 4
- Lavada Mahler
- Kim Peterson
- Robert Russell
- Martha Hall
Jim Hughes SOLD 3
- Names unknown at this time.

Everybody can do this. Just ask one, and then another.

The membership drive will continue on till the end of the year. The Wichita Falls Railroad Museum Booth at the T/O Fair will be selling memberships as a fund raiser as well as selling gifts from the WFRRM Gift Shop and Kiddie Train Sponsorships.

There is fun and enjoyment for everyone at the Texas/Oklahoma Fair.

2010 Kiddie Train Sponsorship
Here's the rundown on sponsorships:

A SPONSORSHIP gives you (1) a custom "sign" on our Kiddie Train with your logo and name, (2) A clickable sign on the Sponsorship page Linked directly to YOUR WEBSITE for more 24/7 exposure, (3) a sign in each of our newsletters, (4) a sign in our banner ads on the main page of the wfrrm website, and (5) a membership to the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.

Each Sponsorship is $200.00 per year. Anyone wanting a $1000.00 sponsorship will get one extra sign for a total of six (6) signs per year. A $3000.00 sponsorship will sponsor an entire Kiddie Train Car. You may have as many sponsorships as you want.

Our Kiddie Train will be highly visible giving rides throughout the year at parades, promotional events, downtown celebrations, outdoor shows such as car shows, and Grand Openings downtown. The Kiddy Train will also be giving rides at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum as well as being on display at the museum for all to see.

Sponsorship money can be mailed to the Museum too at WFRRM, P. O. Box 4242, Wichita Falls Texas 76308. Be sure to label it Sponsorship.

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CLICK HERE to go to the SPONSORS page on the website and click on the "sponsors signs" to go to their websites.

CLICK HERE to go to the SPONSORS page on the website and click on the "sponsors signs" to go to their websites.

Wichita Falls Railroad Museum will be at the Texas/Oklahoma Fair September 14 thru 18, 2010.We have a special school program that will assist with students from the PALS and IB programs to help staff the WFRRM Booth this year Thanks to Renee Collier. If anyone would like to help out, please contact Rusty Jameson or Joe Tom White. Anyone that signs up to help ahead of time gets in the Fair free. We will be selling gifts from the gift shop and selling $20.00 memberships too. This is our T/O Fair fund raiser for 2010.

This year the special attraction will be "A Tribute to Houdini" by Mario Manzini with 11 Free shows, live on stage during the T/O Fair. Get more information here from the Lion's Club website, T/O Fair Section: Lions Club - T/O Fair

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Kenny has asked that if you see something that needs some attention at the museum, "don't send a message to him", just come on down & pitch in and give us a hand. He says we need more of our members being active participants even if you can't stay long. Don't be shy, We would love to see you there.

Please Don't forget to send in your 2010 Dues Soon.

See you at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum!!!!

Stay Tuned.... Next Newsletter could come at any time.
Thanks for your Time....... Rusty


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Lots of folks are having fun at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.

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