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Hello WFRRM members and friends. Welcome to the WFRRM July 2010 Online Newsletter.

This online publication is our way of keeping in touch with our members & friends and an attempt at getting more of our friends to join the fun at the museum. wfrrm@hotmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: Save the address above (URL), of this Newsletter and you can go back and view it or show it to someone else at any time. We keep them on the server.

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Welcome to the July Newsletter. The last Newsletter was really rushed to get out before the end of the quarter, and after checking and rechecking everything many times, I still left out a few items that needed to go in. So therefore, we have enough news for another Newsletter. With as many projects as we have, we could see Monthly Newsletters throughout the rest of the year.

I'm going to make a few improvements to the Newsletter Don't be afraid to let me know how you like the new changes or improvements. One of the first improvements will be starting out with a few larger photos. People always like to see the photos, because they also show what text can't explain.

One of the "already done" improvements is the Newsletter Header and Footer photos of the North end of the Museum. In the photos, our Museum name is at the top and below it states, "We're moving ahead." Moving ahead is just what we are doing. Many good things are happening within the museum with the help of friends and Board Members. This Museum has accomplished things and seen some very positive moves that it has never seen before. Well done gang!!!!

The last "Wichita Falls Railroad Museum" board meeting...... On Saturday, June 19, 2010, the Board met at the Scout Hut. Huge thanks to Jim for providing the location. The meeting was such a good one, we would like to remind everybody of a few items below.

A membership goal of 100 and a Kiddy Train sponsorship goal of 15 were set. We still need averyones participation. Many have their 5 memberships turned in from the "Get 5 New Members Each" challenge. I for one can assure you it is easy. Hanging out in the Air Conditioned Gift Shop at the Museum on Saturdays really helps too.

National Museum Day is September 11th, Saturday. We need as many folks as we can get to help out at the museum.

Tex/Okla Fair - see Website - Lions Club Texas / Okla Fair and be sure to click on the 2008 photos and 2009 photos. You may just see someone you know. We could still use a couple of volunteers. Thanks.

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The Tug and the Golf Cart are back from the shop and running great again. Kiddie train rides have resumed and parents and kiddos are enjoying the train rides again. Remember Action Battery Center for all your battery and golf cart needs. You can't beat an ACTION battery!!!!

The Work goes on....... We still have many projects to complete, and we will soon get there. Kenny & Rusty are getting things moving on work days. The Inmates are doing a great job of keeping the Museum grass mowed on a regular basis. Thank You again guys!!! Charles Elmore has been showing up for more support too.

The tractor mower has sold. Sold to the high bidder for $625.00. It had set for so long it had to have the carburator overhauled, then it started and ran like a top!!!

More Work goes on....... Our 1942 Ford Army Jeep had a flat tire on it. It seemed that nobody wanted to fix it. It just needed an inner tube in it. Kenny took it to several of the main Tire Stores in town and everybody said they couldn't fix it. I guess they don't like tires with tubes any more. I took it to T & W tires on Jacksboro Highway. The guy there had it fixed in no time and it's already back on the Jeep and looking good. We pulled the jeep around and lined it up with the other old trucks.

Carl & the guys at T & W TIRE did not charge us for the tire service and just asked us to tell everybody we know about them. Thank You T & W. See below.

CLICK HERE to go to the SPONSORS page on the website and click on the "sponsors signs" to go to their websites.

CLICK HERE to go to the SPONSORS page on the website and click on the "sponsors signs" to go to their websites.

The *Membership Drive is still On..... In the April meeting Charles Elmore set a goal of 100 NEW *members for the museum. In the June meeting, Rusty Challenged the board *members to come up with 5 *members. Thats $20.00 per *membership or $100.00 worth of *Memberships per Board Member.

A $20.00 *membership has the following benefits. Out of the $20.00 *membership, each person: Gets in the Entry Gate without paying the Gate Fee, rides the Kiddie Train for Free anytime, rides the Pump-Car for Free anytime, Visits the Model Train Car for Free anytime, and can go on Guided Tours Free anytime. Each *Member will recieve a *Membership card by snail mail and Newsletters via the internet.

*Definition of Membership: A head of household, 18 years of age or older, and each person living in the same home. Example - Dad, Mom & Kiddos of the same household. Or, an individual 18 years of age or older without immediate family.

Results of Membership Drive Joe Tom Anounced the Challenge made by Rusty on the Radio, "Talk Radio 1290 AM", and has been getting good results. Rusty has a Public Service Announcement that is on "BOB RADIO 100.9 FM". So far the tally looks like this:
Joe Tom White SOLD 5
Mark Price SOLD 5
Kenny Knox SOLD 1
Rusty SOLD 5
Charles Elmore SOLD 1

Everybody can do this. Just ask one, and then another.

The membership drive will continue on till the end of the year. The Wichita Falls Railroad Museum Booth at the T/O Fair will be selling memberships as a fund raiser as well as selling gifts from the WFRRM Gift Shop and Kiddie Train Sponsorships.

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There is fun and enjoyment for everyone at the Texas/Oklahoma Fair.

2010 Kiddie Train Sponsorship
Here's the rundown on sponsorships:

A SPONSORSHIP gives you (1) a custom "sign" on our Kiddie Train with your logo and name, (2) A clickable sign on the Sponsorship page Linked directly to YOUR WEBSITE for more 24/7 exposure, (3) a sign in each of our newsletters, (4) a sign in our banner ads on the main page of the wfrrm website, and (5) a membership to the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.

Each Sponsorship is $200.00 per year. Anyone wanting a $1000.00 sponsorship will get one extra sign for a total of six (6) signs per year. A $3000.00 sponsorship will sponsor an entire Kiddie Train Car. You may have as many sponsorships as you want.

Our Kiddie Train will be highly visible giving rides throughout the year at parades, promotional events, downtown celebrations, outdoor shows such as car shows, and Grand Openings downtown. The Kiddy Train will also be giving rides at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum as well as being on display at the museum for all to see.

Sponsorship money can be mailed to the Museum too at WFRRM, P. O. Box 4242, Wichita Falls Texas 76308. Be sure to label it Sponsorship.

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CLICK HERE to go to the SPONSORS page on the website and click on the "sponsors signs" to go to their websites.

Wichita Falls Railroad Museum will be at the Texas/Oklahoma Fair September 14 thru 18, 2010.We have a special school program that will assist with students from the PALS and IB programs to help staff the WFRRM Booth this year Thanks to Renee Collier. If anyone would like to help out, please contact Rusty Jameson or Joe Tom White. Anyone that signs up to help ahead of time gets in the Fair free. We will be selling gifts from the gift shop and selling $20.00 memberships too. This is our T/O Fair fund raiser for 2010.

This year the special attraction will be "A Tribute to Houdini" by Mario Manzini with 11 Free shows, live on stage during the T/O Fair. Get more information here from the Lion's Club website, T/O Fair Section: Lions Club - T/O Fair

CLICK HERE to go to the SPONSORS page on the website and click on the "sponsors signs" to go to their websites.

Kenny has asked that if you see something that needs some attention at the museum, "don't send a message to him", just come on down & pitch in and give us a hand. He says we need more of our members being active participants even if you can't stay long. Don't be shy, We would love to see you there.


Lots of folks are having fun at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.

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