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Hello WFRRM members and friends. Welcome to the WFRRM JULY/August 2010 Online Newsletter.

This online publication is our way of keeping in touch with our members & friends and an attempt at getting more of our friends to join the fun at the museum. wfrrm@hotmail.com

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Welcome to the August Newsletter. We are having fun and still lots of good things are happening at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.

"We're Moving Ahead" is exactly what we are doing these days. We are becoming The New and Improved Wichita Falls Railroad Museum because the current "team" is working hard to make many good things happen within the museum with the help of Members and Board Members. This Museum has accomplished things recently and has seen some very positive moves that it has never seen before. We are planning many more events which we will tell you about later. Well done gang!!!! We will continue to move Ahead too.

Stroll 'N' Roll Museum Day is September 11th, Saturday. We need as many folks as we can get to help out at the museum. It's not work, it's just spending time around the visitors.

We are part of the Museum Coalition of Wichita Falls and we are a participating Museum in the Stroll n Roll Museum day.

The Stroll n Roll is sponsored by the Wichita Falls Museum Coalition and is free to the public. All Museum sites will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the last bus running its route at 4 p.m. Each location will have other special free activities and several will offer food and drinks.

Jim Hughes has indicated that he should be there in full conductor uniform to visit with the visitors and talk trains.

Artie Woods and McGruff the Crime Dog Will also be there to meet , greet, & visit with the visitors.

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Another good weekend at the Musuem Saturday was 104 degres, but that did not slow some of the people down from having fun at the Museum.

Kiddie train rides were given again and the slight breeze and a chance to sit and ride was welcomed by all who rode. Also gifts were still needed for the little ones from the gift shop. There seemed to be no problem pausing for a photo in the air conditioning at the gift shop.

Be sure to tell Teresa Hi at the gift shop. She says she is a stickler for cleanliness. She has cleaned, vacuumed, straightened, sprayed & wiped, organized and made the gift shop look really good, and has only been there two Saturdays. Way to go Teresa!!!!!

Teresa has already located a back-up person to open and operate the Museum for when and if she cannot be there. Thanks for taking care of business!!!!.

Train Video of the month

This is from another country but it's pretty much the same precess except we use wooden cross ties 99% of the time. As you can see, the concrete ties have to be changed out too.

I will start placing TRAIN VIDEOS here each month for your Newsletter enjoyment.
Let me know if you like them.

We're cleaning up everything in an effort to make the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum look better and take on a new shine!
There's still more to get cleaned up so we can paint and repair more when the weather starts to cool down. As for now, the cleaning continues and "We're Moving Ahead".

This place is like a ranch....... there's always something that needs to be done! Yes Kenny, the work never ends. We are greatful to have the folks help that can. Thank You, Kenny for all your hard work and all the time spent helping the Museum every day.

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Please Welcome our newest Kiddie Train Sponsors, The Engine Tender. Ray Grube is the owner, and his "On-Line" business is right here in Wichita Falls. Order from his website: enginetender.com

And Betty Parks, Customers and Vendors of Wichita Falls Farmers Market just north of the Museum. Welcome!!!!

The New Kiddie Train is coming along very well. When the primer and paint goes on it will really show itself off.

We gotta have lights so we are welding rings around the tops of the cars to run our Christmas lights through. This will eliminate the sagging and drooping as seen on the older train. We also plan to use the "tubular Christmas lights" this time. Its the new LED lights in clear plastic tubing. The light rings are placed low so the light will show off our passengers too.

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Today was a Good day................ And here's how it went at the Work Day this day.................

Finished the primer just in time before the rain. The kiddie train is ready for its colors next week. It will make its debut at the Texas/Oklahoma Fair as the "Red White & Blue Train".

Charles Elmore..... Thank You for bringing your lovely wife, Phyllis.

This Workday was another good one and we made lots of progress. 4 gallons of primer went on the Kiddie Train to prepare it for the actual colored paint.

A good appetite was worked up in the process and it was taken care of by the fine people of Hunan's. Everyone ate till they could hold no more. The inmates cleaned up from lunch, wiped the tables down with cleaner and carried off the trash. Then it was back to work till the end of the day. The inmates always look forward to coming to the Railroad Museum to work.

If you are not coming to the Museum on "Work Days", Your missing out on some great food!!!!! Thank You Mark Chang and Hunan Staff for the fantastic meal!!!!!

Texas/Oklahoma Fair In Wichita Falls - see Website - Lions Club Texas / Okla Fair and be sure to click on the 2008 photos and 2009 photos. You may just see someone you know. We will have a Wichita Falls Railroad Museum Booth where we will be selling railroad related gifts and Memberships. We are getting the new Kiddie Train ready for the fair and we will be selling sponsorships for it. We could still use a couple of volunteers. Thanks.

Downtown Lights Celebration November 20th We will have at least one Kiddie Train in the parade that evening as well as festivities going on at the museum. Yes, food, Sodas, Hot Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and we are going to have fried pies again this year. They were such a success year before last, folks were asking about the fried pies last year and we had not booked them because our fried pie man moved away. Now we know how big of a hit they made with everyone. If you would like to help out on the train this year with the celebration, please e-mail, call or make contact with us so we can get you a spot whether it be car sitting, serving coffee, hot chocolate, sodas, or some of the food. We will also need to decorate the trains inside and perhaps outside. If you would like to volunteer for any of this, ride in the kiddie train in the parade, or just help out at the museum, let us know. We will have more information as it gets closer.

Have you got some ideas for us this year. Maybe bring a Popcorn Machine and you serve fresh hot popcorn from a caboose? Have you got a Cotton Candy machine and willing to bring it and operate it? Got decorating ideas and want to do it? We will consider ideas.

The Inmates didn't go hungry this work day either. Greg Stocktons Golden Chick, Chicken tenders today, was indeed another "Dream Meal" for the inmates. The only thing better would have been a nice long nap, but nupe, too much work to do so let's all go back to work. "We're Moving Ahead."

The *Membership Drive is still On..... In the April meeting Charles Elmore set a goal of 100 NEW *members for the museum. In the June meeting, Rusty Challenged the board *members to come up with 5 *members. Thats $20.00 per *membership or $100.00 worth of *Memberships per Board Member.

A $20.00 *membership has the following benefits. Out of the $20.00 *membership, each person: Gets in the Entry Gate without paying the Gate Fee, rides the Kiddie Train for Free anytime, rides the Pump-Car for Free anytime, Visits the Model Train Car for Free anytime, and can go on Guided Tours Free anytime. Each *Member will recieve a *Membership card by snail mail and Newsletters via the internet.

*Definition of Membership: A head of household, 18 years of age or older, and each person living in the same home. Example - Dad, Mom & Kiddos of the same household. Or, an individual 18 years of age or older without immediate family.

Results of Membership Drive Joe Tom Anounced the Challenge made by Rusty on the Radio, "Talk Radio 1290 AM", and has been getting good results. Rusty has a Public Service Announcement that is on "BOB RADIO 100.9 FM". So far the tally looks like this:
Joe Tom White SOLD 5
Mark Price SOLD 5
Kenny Knox SOLD 1
Rusty SOLD 5
Charles Elmore SOLD 1
Bronna McNeeley SOLD 5

Results of Sponsorship Drive
Joe Tom White - Betty Parks of the Farmers Market
Kenny Knox - The Engine Tender

Kenny sends a Reminder to Board Members: Each of you that have sold Memberships, please mail in your money and applications to WFRRM, P O Box 4242, Wichita Falls Tx 76308 to get credit on the above list. Thanks. PLEASE NOTE: The information on the application has to be filled out in full WITH an E-Mail address so we can send the new members their newsletters.

Everybody can do this. Just ask one, and then another.

The membership drive will continue on till the end of the year. The Wichita Falls Railroad Museum Booth at the T/O Fair will be selling memberships as a fund raiser as well as selling gifts from the WFRRM Gift Shop and Kiddie Train Sponsorships.

CLICK HERE to go to the SPONSORS page on the website and click on the "sponsors signs" to go to their websites.

2010 Kiddie Train Sponsorship
Here's the rundown on sponsorships:

A SPONSORSHIP gives you (1) a custom "sign" on our Kiddie Train with your logo and name, (2) A clickable sign on the Sponsorship page Linked directly to YOUR WEBSITE for more 24/7 exposure, (3) a sign in each of our newsletters, (4) a sign in our banner ads on the main page of the wfrrm website, and (5) a membership to the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.

Each Sponsorship is $200.00 per year. Anyone wanting a $1000.00 sponsorship will get one extra sign for a total of six (6) signs per year. A $3000.00 sponsorship will sponsor an entire Kiddie Train Car. You may have as many sponsorships as you want.

Our Kiddie Train will be highly visible giving rides throughout the year at parades, promotional events, downtown celebrations, outdoor shows such as car shows, and Grand Openings downtown. The Kiddy Train will also be giving rides at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum as well as being on display at the museum for all to see.

Sponsorship money can be mailed to the Museum too at WFRRM, P. O. Box 4242, Wichita Falls Texas 76308. Be sure to label it Sponsorship.

CLICK HERE to go to the SPONSORS page on the website and click on the "sponsors signs" to go to their websites.

Just Misc. photos from one of the work days at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum as "We're Moving Ahead". Thank You Amy for your help on Saturdays too!!!! You are appreciated too!!!!

Restaurants and Cafe's........

If you would like to donate meals to the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum "We're Moving Ahead" program, please contact Joe Tom White at 692-3766 for assistance. The "We're moving ahead" program utilizes Inmates from the Wichita County Sheriff's Office "Work Program", our Board Members, Deputy's, volunteers and museum members for manpower in painting, cleaning, mowing and general labor. These folks work hard and appreciate a good meal. You prepare it, we pick it up and deliver it.

If you make your charitable contribution or donation of meals, you too will get a customized ad in our newsletters with your logo, slogan & etc. You can make a great difference in the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum by helping others to feed the folks who work hard for the museum.

See the ad's below of the contributors who have been proud to sponsor such events. Your ad can show up here too!!! Subs... BBQ... Tacos... Hamburgers... Chicken... Dosen't matter.

CLICK HERE to go to the SPONSORS page on the website and click on the "sponsors signs" to go to their websites.

Kenny has asked that if you see something that needs some attention at the museum, "don't send a message to him", just come on down & pitch in and give us a hand. He says we need more of our members being active participants even if you can't stay long. Don't be shy, We would love to see you there.


Lots of folks are having fun at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.

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