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WFRRM APRIL 2011 Newsletter

The online publication

Hello WFRRM members and friends. Welcome to the WFRRM April 2011 Online Newsletter.

This online publication is our way of keeping in touch with our members & friends and an attempt at getting more of our friends to join the fun at the museum. wfrrm@hotmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: Save the Newsletter address above (URL), of this Newsletter, to your FAVORITES List, and you can go back and view it or show it to someone else at any time. We keep them on the server.

"We're Moving Ahead" We are The New and Improved Wichita Falls Railroad Museum because the current "team" will be working and planning to make many good things happen at the Museum for the 2011 seasons. This Museum has accomplished things recently and has seen some very positive moves that it has never seen before in its history.

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The Wichita Falls Railroad Museum
Has a good head of steam built up
for this season.

Photos above show our April Board Meeting on the train. Numerous Fund Raising events were discussed and plans are to participate in more downtown events. Membership is growing strong and we have about 35 more members than we have had in the past years.
I have never seen so many Photographers at the Museum in one day. The above two photos show a photographer getting some great shots of her model. Senior pictures at the Museum are a big thing this time of the year. Cameras and trains just go good together.
How about the blue print of the old Round house and turn table that used to set across from the old Depot. Thanks Norman!!! And the old depot with the Texas Zephyr looking proud.
And a few extra photos from our website "Photo Tour" in case you haven't seen them.
There are many more!!!
See More photos on our Website Photo Tour:

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We are looking for more than a few good members, and we need YOU to be one of them.

Like many historic preservation museums, we are in need of funding to continue future operations and growth. Limited funding means we don't always get to maintain our equipment as we would like. Our overhead is not huge. However, just paying the utilities each month often keeps us from painting, replacing wood, and doing necessary repairs of numerous items.

Our current monthly cost for utilities is approximately: Water - $60.00, Phone - $60.00, Electricity - $160.00, and Gas - $20.00. Trying to maintain a family friendly entrance fee of $1 per person, we need 300 visitors a month just to cover these costs. If you like our Museum, like what you see, and like what we bring to the community, please help by becoming a member. Thank You.

We have several levels of membership to fit your budget.

____ Railroad Tycoon - $500+

____ Engineer - $250+

____ Brakeman - $100+

____ Conductor - $50+

____ Passenger - $20+

*All levels of giving include a one-year family membership (providing free entry into the museum, free rides on the kiddie train and pump car, the Railroad Museum Newsletter, and invitations to special events).

Tycoon and Engineer levels also have the opportunity to use the Pullman or Dinning Car at a reduced rate.

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Wow, talking about local history!!!!...................

Train Videos of the month

This video is the FIRST move of the 304 from the railroad tracks to Rotary Park
Behind Cunningham School. The time was estimated to be around 1954.
The video is 5 minutes and 45 seconds long.

The above video is from long ago yard switching & such in front of the Wichita Falls
Union Station Depot and a little activity from around the Wichita Falls area.
This video is 11 minutes and 25 seconds long.


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If you have any Digital Photos, Digital videos, VCR Tapes, Camcorder Tapes etc, of Historic value and relevant to the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum, and would like to share them with all of us, please let me know. I will make a copy and place them on our newsletters for all to see and/or place them on our website. Thanks !

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2011 Kiddie Train Sponsorship
Here's the rundown on sponsorships:

A SPONSORSHIP gives you (1) a custom "sign" on our Kiddie Train with your logo and name, (2) A clickable sign on the Sponsorship page Linked directly to YOUR WEBSITE for more 24/7 exposure, (3) a sign in each of our newsletters, (4) a sign in our banner ads on the main page of the wfrrm website, and (5) a membership to the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.

Each Sponsorship is $200.00 per year. Anyone wanting a $1000.00 sponsorship will get one extra sign for a total of six (6) signs per year. A $3000.00 sponsorship will sponsor an entire Kiddie Train Car. You may have as many sponsorships as you want.

Our Kiddie Train will be highly visible giving rides throughout the year at parades, promotional events, downtown celebrations, outdoor shows such as car shows, and Grand Openings downtown. The Kiddy Train will also be giving rides at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum as well as being on display at the museum for all to see.

Sponsorship money can be mailed to the Museum too at WFRRM, P. O. Box 4242, Wichita Falls Texas 76308. Be sure to label it Sponsorship.

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There is fun and enjoyment for everyone at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum. Be a Volunteer!


If you have not heard, the Museum was broken into a few days ago. One of the windows was destroyed and another was damaged. Some small items were taken.

We have tried everything from more Police cruises in the area, to Security Cameras, to larger and enhanced locks and now of course more security lighting. Police say, "Its not you, it's just the location".

The next move is to place security bars over the windows and door in as attractive and fashionable way as possible.

If you know of anyone who could financially assist us with replacing the damaged windows, and placing bars on our windows, please let us know or have them contact us at the e-mail address at which you received the link to this Newsletter. They could also e-mail WFRRM (at) HOTMAIL.COM or call 723-2661 and leave a message for Ray. We would be most appreciative. Contributions to WFRRM are tax deductable.

Thank You

Restaurants and Cafe's........

If you would like to donate meals to the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum "We're Moving Ahead" program, please contact us at the E-Mail address where you received the link to this Newsletter. The "We're moving ahead" program utilizes Inmates from the Wichita County Sheriff's Office "Work Program", our Board Members, Deputy's, volunteers and museum members for manpower in painting, cleaning, mowing and general labor. These folks work hard and appreciate a good meal. You prepare it, we pick it up and deliver it.

If you make your charitable contribution or donation of meals, you too will get a customized ad in our newsletters with your logo, slogan & etc. You can make a great difference in the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum by helping others to feed the folks who work hard for the museum.

See the ad's below of the contributors who have been proud to sponsor such events. Your ad can show up here too!!! Subs... BBQ... Tacos... Hamburgers... Chicken... Dosen't matter.

Please welcome our NEWEST meal sponsor for the 2011 Season. Call the Jacksboro Highway Pizza Hut and tell them you saw their ad on the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum Website or Newsletter. They will be glad you did!!!! Call and have yours delivered today!!!

The Wichita Falls Railroad Museum and the Wichita County Inmate Work Program would like to Thank each and every one of you below for your contributions of meals and your kind support of the Museum. Your help last season made our Museum better for everyone.

If you would like to contribute your support again this year, please reply to the e-mail at which you received the link to this Newsletter, and let us know. Thank You Kindly, WFRRM

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Get five (5) people to join the Museum and get your Membership free.

Browse our Website: WFRRM.COM

Lots of folks are having fun at the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.

A message from the President
WFRRM is open most Saturdays of the year and we would love to see you. Our hours of operation are 12:00 4:00 p.m.

  • Cajun Fest - Saturday, May 14

  • Stroll n Roll (Museum Day) - Saturday, September 10 (10:00 5:00)
We need volunteers during project days and on Saturdays. If you would like to volunteer, please, send us an e-mail at WFRRM (at) HOTMAIL.COM.

We are also open by appointment. If you have, a group or organization that would like to visit the Museum on some day other than Saturday give us a call or shoot us an e-mail. We will be happy to try to arrange a tour on the day of your convenience.

Bronna McNeely
President - Wichita Falls Railroad Museum

From Newsletter Editor
We still need sombody who is willing to bring their Camcorder and tripod to the Museum during our events and video record parts of the event.

We are attempting to document these events for historical purposes, for the Museum Newsletters and archives. Electronic digital records are a must these days. Your camcorder can be analog (tape) and I will digitize the museum's copy & yours will be untouched.

Camcorder experience, photo journalism & such would be a plus. Shakey videos can't be used, hence, the need for a tripod.

"We're Moving Ahead"............... See you at the Museum!

E-Mail me at wfrrm(at)hotmail.com

Electronic Information/Newsletter Editor

Wichita Falls Railroad Museum
Is Working Hard For You !